Employment Based Visas

U.S. Employment-Based Visas


When businesses, both large and small, need qualified workers and are unable to find enough U.S. workers to fill those positions, the companies can use the labor certification process to sponsor workers from other countries to work in those jobs. In most cases, these workers have specific medical skills, or technical ability, bilingual experience, and work in occupations like engineering, medicine, teaching, computer science, or research.


At Ventresca & Ventresca, LLP, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our U.S. employment-based visa attorneys assist clients in getting employment based green cards for multinational executives and managers, outstanding researchers and professors, aliens of extraordinary ability, skilled professionals, and religious workers. We understand the complex laws governing these visas and the differences between first preference and second preference employees, and those seeking national interest waivers.


For the past 20 years, the law firm of Ventresca & Ventresca, LLP, has been representing clients with legal matters involving:

  • EB1 preference classifications – United States employers filing to get a work visa for an alien multinational executives and managers, outstanding researchers and professors, and aliens of extraordinary ability need to submit evidence of accomplishments and proof of their past employment.
  • EB2 preference classifications – For help getting work visas for advanced degree professionals and exceptional ability aliens, our employment visa attorneys will assist those in getting national interest waivers or PERM certification.
  • EB3 preference classifications – U.S. employers seeking to get employment green card visas for their skilled and professional workers can get help navigating through the Labor Certification / PERM process at Ventresca & Ventresca, LLP.


Our immigration lawyers understand the time constraints and urgency to get these matters resolved that you experience. For that reason we value your time and offer prompt legal assistance focused on highly personalized attention that treats you with the respect you deserve. To schedule an appointment to discuss U.S. employment-based visas, contact Ventresca & Ventresca, LLP today.